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Trekking In Turkey

If you would like to see what the trekking press and the national newspapers wrote about the Lycian Way and St Paul Trail, please choose from the list below:


Daily Telegraph - August 2002, Anna Sutton
Sunday Times - March 2002, Jeremy Seal
Sunday Times - July 2000, Tim Salmon
Walking Abroad - Autumn 1999, Kate Clow
MeeTurkey - Summer 2002, Sevil Oren
On the Edge - Summer 2000, Alastair Lee
Boston Globe - Summer 2003, Lynn Levine
Op Pad - March 2004, Roel van den Eijnde
MeeTurkey - Spring 2004, Kate Clow
Resort Magazine - Sept 2003, interview with Sabri Aydal
Travel Turkey - Spring 2004, Terry Richardson
Guardian - 2003, Jill Crawshaw
Daily Telegraph - Spring 2004, Activity File
Op Pad - Spring 2004, Lycian Way Holiday
Outside Magazine - Spring 2004, Best of the Lycian Way
Guardian - Spring 2004, Action Stations
Check in Magazine - Summer 2004, Av Claes Grundsten
The Independent On Sunday - July 2004, Stephen Goodwin
TGO (The Great Outdoors) - August 2004, Stephen Goodwin
Wandern über den Lykischen Weg - November 2004, Lutz Heidemann
Eretz Magazine in Hebrew, scans from the August 2004 Issue
Aktüel Magazine in Turkish, scans from the 13-19 October 2004 Issue
Sunny Times, SunExpress Inflight Magazine, scans from the 3/2004 Issue
Wandeltochten in Europa, De twintig beste uit Op Pad, scans from pages 24-31
20 Journeys To Change Your Life, Nigel Tisdall
AAM Terranuova - February 2005 Issue, pages 69-73.
Cornucopia - Issue 33, 2005, pages 86-99, Caroline Finkel
Hürriyet - 18 April 2005 Issue, Reyan Tüvi.
GeziTravel - 2005/07, Zeynep Yosun Akverdi, Photos: Muzaffer Saglam
National Geographic Türkiye , 2005/08, Kate Clow, Photos: Kemal Nuraydin
A Congress, Buried in Turkey's Sand, Richard Bernstein
Two articles about The Lycian Way and St Paul Trail Books, Magazin-frankfurt.de
In The Foootsteps of Alexander, Time Global Adviser. By Pelin Turgut
Ploeteren Met De Geiten, An article about St Paul Trail in Dutch, author unknown.
High Level Research in Turkey (about Kackar), By Tim Salmon, 8 March 2008.
Do It The Lycian Way (in Dutch), By Pieter Baken, SNP.NL, December 2007.
Way to Go on Turkey's Coast, By Rhiannon Batten, The Observer, Sunday June 15 2008.
A wild walk in Turkey, By Gill Charlton, The National Travel, September 5 2009.
Trek in Turkey, By James Baxter, March-April 2010.
Plein Air, February 2010.

[UPDATED April, 2011]


You can also read about the Lycian Way in the book Top Treks of the World, editor Steve Razetti, New Holland Press, which has been translated into many languages.

The Lycian Way project has won the following awards:
Yarina Dort Isik (Four Lights for Tomorrow) - Garanti Bank's competition to celebrate its 50th Anniversary.
SKAL International - Professionels du Tourisme - Ecotourism Award 2003.
KEMIAD - Kemer Turizmci ve Isadamlari Dernegi - (Kemer Tourism Operators and Businessmen's Society) Special prize 2003
SKAL International Antalya - Tourism work in the Environmental field - Spring 2001

The Lycian Way and St Paul Trail projects have received the following award:
Antalya Tanitim Vakfi (Antalya Promotion Foundation) - Award for the promotion of Antalya - Spring 2000.

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Trekking in Turkey by Kate Clow Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism