Aladağlar Map
Aladağlar Map
Aladağlar Map

Folded map, 2018, First Edition.

We would like to introduce you to the new EWP map of the Aladağlar Mountaıns of Turkey.

The Aladğlar mountains are located north of Adana in central Turkey.
They are a compact limestone range with numerous dramatic summits and walls.
Several tops are over 3700m making them one of the higher and more important mountain ranges in Turkey.
In winter they offer superb ski-touring then hiking and climbing from early summer to autumn.

This map was prepared by Dursun Şimşek a local cartographer / climber and Andrew Wielochowski over a period of 2 years.
It is a detailed, full-colour topographical map of the Aladağlar Mountains.
Waterproof and rip-resistant paper.
Scale 1:40,000, 25m contours, full colour.
Useful information on walking, mountaineering and ski routes, accommodation and useful contacts. Photographs of area and annotated panoramas.
Copyright EWP 2018. Size: 870×560, folded to 218x140mm, self-cover.
ISBN: 9780995712911.

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