kate clowKate Clow lived in the UK until 1989, when she took a job selling computer systems in Istanbul. In 1992, she moved to Antalya and started freelance work. This gave her scope to explore ancient roads, which form networks linking the centres of ancient civilisations of Turkey. Convinced that Turkey needed long distance walking routes, she connected a series of old roads to make Turkey’s first long distance walking path, the Lycian Way. This route was opened in 1999, and followed in 2004 by the St. Paul Trail, in 2008 by the Kaçkar routes and in 2011, assisting Caroline Finkel, by the Evliya Çelebi Way.

In between researching and writing trekking guides, Kate helped form the Culture Routes Society and develop their website. She continues to promote alternative, sustainable tourism both to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and anyone else who will listen.

Kate first walked in Lycia in 1988 and is still tracking down the old roads of the area.