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Lycia – Beydağlar to Finike

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Folded map, 2018, First Edition.

Introducing the new EWP map of the Beydağlar Mountains and the beautiful Lycian coastline to the south.

This is a full-colour topographical map, size: 870x560mm, folded to 218x140mm, self-covered and scale 1:53,000. Showing walking trails, archaeological sites, caves, hospitals, shops, police posts,
restaurants, schools, service stations. Also included are useful contacts and a word glossary in English, German and Turkish. Photographs of area.
Walking routes including the Lycian Way, St. Nicholas Trails and other marked routes help explore the magnificent scenery, ancient churches and cities such as Limyra and Arykanda.
The mountains rise to over 3000m and the highest summit is a popular destination in summer or on skiis in winter.

Copyright EWP 2018. Size: 870×560, folded to 218x140mm, self-cover.
ISBN: 9780995712928

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