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The Lycian Way – by Kate Clow

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New edition of the original and authorised guide book to Turkey’s first long-distance walking trail from Fethiye to Antalya – the Lycian Way.

The book has all the info you need to plan your trek, detailed descriptions and times for each section, altitude diagrams, info about historic places and the climb of Mt Olympos. It describes the twons and villages including Kalkan, Kaş, Myra, Adrasan, Çıralı.

This new edition has 2 days extra walking and incorporates all the latest route changes. The map is new and improved and the book is designed to complement the new i-phone app and the website.

*You can have Lycian Way guide book (or Lycian Way + 1 guide book that you pick) by making donation to our Indiegogo campaign until April 08th. With the camera & equipments we have at the end of the campaign will help us promote culture routes thus, sustainable tourism & rural development in Turkey.
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